How To Lose Weight Without Excess Skin Right Now


Amazed by the successful weight-loss stories of family members, friends, and people you found on the internet? They merely show that it’s indeed possible to lose fats without going under the knife. What’s important is your chosen way of tackling this task.

The fast (but not highly recommended) route directs you to dietary supplements. A better path, on the other hand, leads you to spend hours in the gym. You may try either at your own risk, but having saggy skin is quite common for people who are on a weight-loss journey.

Here are a couple of techniques you can do to avoid excess skin while losing weight.


Method #1: Take Care Of Your Skin

What You Need


Your skin feels supple and elastic to the touch, thanks to the high amount of water it holds. You must replenish the body’s water supply while or after exercising to maintain that.  “The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces a day—so if you weigh 160 lbs, try to drink 80 ounces,” said psychotherapist Vikki Stark M.S.W., M.F.T.

Resistance Training Program

There are various workouts dedicated to resistance training that will allow you to build muscles while losing fats. Simply opt for a program that suits your equipment and schedule.

Weighing Scale (Optional)

You can reduce weight even if there are no digits to confirm it. That’s the reason why having a weighing scale isn’t a big deal. Nevertheless, it’s not an issue if you utilize the apparatus.

Sunscreen (Optional)

A lotion with high SPF value stops the UV radiation for inflicting harm to your well-being. It’s a must-have, considering you work out in the open.


What To Do

The first technique gives significance to skin health. It is okay to exercise and control your hunger, but try to ensure that there’s enough water in the epidermis.

Step 1: Reduce Your Weight Gradually

Burning the fats can happen even if you don’t push yourself to the extreme spontaneously. You can merely aim to get rid of a couple of pounds at max each week so that your skin can adjust to the changes well. Otherwise, a rapid loss of weight can result in sagging body parts.

Step 2: Make Hydration A Priority

When you exercise, you don’t directly convert the fats into energy. You also release so much sweat through your pores, which can dehydrate the skin if you’re not careful. That’s the ultimate recipe for obesity, to be honest, so make sure to always quench your thirst with water.

Step 3: Focus On Resistance Training

Your skin can still sag even when you are hydrated in case you don’t develop muscles where the fats used to be. The latter stays in between the bones and the epidermis; that’s why there will be less stuff connecting the two. You can only prevent the sagging by following a resistance training program as you lose weight.

Step 4: Avoid Things That Decrease Skin Elasticity

Having flabby skin becomes inevitable if there are bad vices you continue to hold on to. Drinking and smoking are definitely atop that list because they cause dehydration and other serious diseases. Similarly, don’t forget to use sunblock before going outdoors since UVs can damage the collagen that makes the skin elastic.


Method #2: Gain Muscles

What You Need

Weight Resistance Equipment

Gyms always have apparatuses for resistance training (e.g., dumbbells and barbells). You may install them at home too, considering you have no time to visit the facility. As an alternative, it’s alright to use your body weight during the exercise.

Healthy Foods

Lean towards the food choices that increase your energy and muscles. Those can be brown rice or wheat for carbohydrates and white meat for protein. Of course, adding dietary fibers from fruits and vegetables is another sound idea.

“Incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources in your diet can help protect your brain, according to the latest research”, says Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Weighing Scale (Optional)

Measuring your weight is not a priority since a regular scale cannot differentiate muscles from fats. There are instances, after all, in which the numbers don’t change, but you notice the improvement in your figure. Nonetheless, you may weigh yourself whenever you like.


What To Do

The second and last procedure highlights the importance of having and keeping your muscles. Muscle loss can happen, primarily when you merely perform physical tasks on rare occasions.

Step 1: Refuse To Take Shortcuts

As tempting as it can be to reduce fats without doing anything, it’s better to achieve it by working out. The length of your exercise, however, should depend on how much weight you wish to lose.

Just one advice, though? Aim low to give the muscles time to appear on the areas where the fats used to be.

Step 2: Commit To A Specific Workout

The cardio exercises are great at strengthening your endurance for weight loss. Despite that, you should supplement them with resistance training to be able to develop and improve your muscles well. You may utilize your weight or gym equipment for that.

Furthermore, to enhance your physique, you’ll need foods that promote incredible health. Protein is essential for building muscles; that’s why you can’t lose that in your diet. Non-gluten products and “good” carbs can also provide energy that will help you complete the exercises.

In A Nutshell

“People whose weight-loss efforts begin at home with dieting, and perhaps some exercise, are familiar from the very beginning of their diet with the struggles they must overcome to lose weight”, said Judith Wurtman, Ph.D. Losing weight without excess skin is not rocket science. The techniques mentioned above may not be too diverse from what your fitness instructor can tell you, frankly speaking. When you avoid over-exercising, dehydration, bad eating habits, and other vices, sagging skin may be the least of your problems.