How The 2016 Atlanta Mental Health Symposium Opened My Eyes

The 2016 Atlanta mental health symposium opened my eyes to the reality that the issue of mental health is getting serious every single day. During the event, I discovered that there are several reported cases of suicides, anxiety attacks and violence occurring in the different parts of the world. This information tells us that many people are having troubles when it comes to their mental sanity or condition.


Unfortunately, not everyone takes this issue seriously. There are still many individuals who remain uninformed about this matter. The truth is that some of them are even hesitant to open their minds about mental health and how it affects them or the people around them. In the said symposium, I also discovered that there are tons of ways on how we can help provide help, support, and assistance to someone who is mentally ill.


Here are some of the acts or things that we can do:


  1. Be helpful to someone who has depression or anxiety. Stop making him feel that he is inadequate and weak for having several issues in his life. Remember that he is psychologically ill.
  2. Never give up in believing that the person with a mental condition or the psychological problem will get better soon. Instead, make him feel that you think he is capable of eliminating the issue.
  3. Learn how to be a good listener. Sometimes, all you have to do is to make yourself available for someone who has a severe mental illness. You do not have to say anything. Just listen to what the other person has to say. This mere act already means a lot to the said person.




Mental health is something that you must take care of. Your concern is not only yourself but also those surrounding you. Make sure to extend your help in any way possible.