Habits That Kill Your Motivation As Per Told By A Counselor

It is not unusual to sometimes feel that your motivation towards achieving your objectives and goals is weakening as time goes by. That is normal. At some instances in your life, you will face certain emotionally, physically, and mentally draining challenges. There will come a time that you will feel stuck in the depths of misery and stress, and these cause you the inability to move forward. Various reasons affect your motivation, and each one of them depends on how you accept and react to them. However, there are still those common factors that can easily impact your motivation, and here are quite a few of those.

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Comparing Your Achievements With Others

Comparing your achievements with others is an old case in the book. Everyone knows how damaging this habit is, and it can easily kill your motivation up until the last string. Comparing sidetracks you from doing what you got to do because you will get too attached to other people’s success. Eventually, you will become more insecure and doubtful about your capabilities. Over time, constantly comparing yourself fosters negative feelings such as jealousy, resentments, and discontentment. And when you focus more on these negative emotions, you will eventually lose sight of what’s more important, which is your goal and objectives for success. Thus, do not compare yourself with others because your success still awaits you. Instead, your attention should be intact on the purpose of personal success.

Creating A Shortcut To The Final Goal

Usually, the part that keeps you motivated to achieve your goals involves a lot of processes. When you work on the necessary thing you need to accomplish, you get the best of your hard work and perseverance. Unfortunately, when you create a shortcut towards your final goals and objectives, you deprive yourself of learning. You skip the necessary steps to fast-track everything, which leads to uncertainties and unsatisfactory. Sometimes, you get frustrated and exhausted because you won’t be getting the desired result even if you managed to work in the easiest ways. Of course, that is because you won’t have the proper mental and emotional foundation that can better handle pressure and failure once they occur. To avoid that, you need to go and experience the uncertainties and hardships of the process towards success.

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Not Planning Anything

At times it is okay to feel a little lost with your goals. That explains why even if you think you knew what you have to do, you still do not know where to start. Your motivations can easily fall back when you are not following a plan. Working on things without understanding the process and steps can make the whole journey towards success unreachable. When you only think about the result and not the considerations and sacrifices you need to take, you will eventually stop moving forward. But don’t get disheartened. Not planning on anything does not mean you are not bound for success. However, the journey might become more complicated without it, and the obstacles you set yourself might harm your self-confidence and self-awareness.

Always Desiring To Be Perfect

It is okay to set up a standard of what your objectives and goals should look like. Honestly, it is essential to determine what you want to help you focus and keep you motivated. However, if you are working on your goal to make things perfect, that is the problem. Always desiring to be perfect can ruin your sense of satisfaction because it will only make you think you are wasting time and effort, especially when situations are out of control. Unfortunately, the habit of always looking towards perfection is one of the easiest ways to kill your motivation. That is because the idea of getting something based on an extreme and unrealistic standard can make you expect too much. And when your expectations fail you, you get stressed, anxious, and depressed. With that, you reach a point where you become more determined to move away from your goals instead of getting close to them.

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Getting Distracted All The Time

You know you are not motivated enough to do what you do when you easily get distracted by certain things. For example, you can get distracted by a call from a friend, from a loud noise from the television, and even a single notification sound on your phone. These distractions delay you from moving forward and focusing on what’s important in a day. Sadly, distractions are everywhere, and even the best schedules can fail. However, it does not mean they are entirely unavoidable. You can still look for ways to keep your thoughts from off-putting things from your way. As long as you have that breathing space where you allow yourself to be refreshed from time to time, you can put your distractions in place.


What Are The Causes Of Unhappiness?

Do you find certain interesting things that can make you feel emotionally and mentally good? What causes people to be discontented? Because if you don’t clearly know the causes of joy, that is okay. You are not alone in that situation. All individuals feel the same because finding contentment is such a difficult task for many.

Unhappiness - All individuals feel the same because finding happiness is such a difficult task for many.
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How do you define discontentment?

Unhappiness: What Are the Possible Causes of Unhappiness In People?

The pursuit of happiness is a life-long struggle. Everyone finds it hard to identify that one thing that makes their lives complete specifically. Yes, you may yearn for wealth, a successful career, a stable relationship, strong friendship, etc. That is because your happiness represents your overall emotional fulfillment. However, the journey towards that is quite exhausting, and often you need to overcome negative feelings such as insecurity, regret, and loneliness. But how can you know if you are unhappy? What are the causes of unhappiness?

Causes Of Unhappiness

holding Grudges On People

Happiness is a choice, and one thing that can stop you from getting it is by holding a grudge against some people. When you struggle to forgive and forget a mistake that even the ones you love committed, you will get stuck in a loop of emotional instability. You will end up upset and frustrated with many things, even complain about the small ones that are entirely not that big of a deal. The inability to forgive can bring you so much anger that will linger in your heart. It will make you more vindictive towards other people, bitter about the achievements of others, and unhappy with the world. That emotional stuck will fixate you to a negative experience. It will hinder you from letting go, moving on, and healing from it.

Becoming Ungrateful

You can ask yourself now. When was the last moment you felt thankful for the things that you have? Ungratefulness can be bad for your overall well-being as it builds up a negative approach to things that are the causes of  unhappiness. It makes you unappreciative about simple pleasures in life such as getting a good night’s sleep, visiting a beautiful place, eating a delicious meal, and spending time with your loved ones. When you are ungrateful, you opt to take things for granted and will never feel guilty about it. You will not see how good life is, and you will never feel lucky that you get to have things that others can’t obtain until they die at some point in your life.

More on Unhappiness

Unhappiness - You will not see how good life is, and you will never feel lucky that you get to have things that others can’t obtain until they die at some point in your life.

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You Constantly Compare Yourself To Others

At some point, it is genuinely okay to compare yourself to others, especially if you are looking through the difference in a positive way. If the other person turns out to be admirable, that is okay. You can always look up to that and use the positive qualities of that individual as your set goal. However, if those positive attributes by someone else make you feel bad about yourself, that means you are unhappy with whom you are. This type of feeling can bring so many insecurities, self-doubt, and inferiority. And when there are constant social comparisons, it makes you dwell on mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and chronic loneliness.

You Worry About Everything

One cause of unhappiness is worry. It makes you think of the unthinkable. For example, you worry too much about what other people think about you, leading to self-doubt and insecurities. Same as you worry about what might go wrong in your day, which causes you a great deal of emotional distress. Worrying can make you feel unreliable, incapable, and unworthy. And sometimes, when those negative feelings become a little out of control, it breeds feelings of tension, dread, anxiety, panic, and depression. Thus, you are only draining your mental and emotional energy by constantly overthinking about being stuck in an imaginary negative situation and causing yourself so much unhappiness.

 Toxic People 

Negativity is always contagious. That explains why when you spend time with toxic people, you become unhappy almost instantly. With this particular situation, you become powerless in overcoming your self-defeating behavior. These people that are weighing you down should stay out of your life because there’s a tendency that you may fall into the same psychological and problematic behaviors your circle has. Toxic people can influence you to become one of them, and unfortunately, at some point, you can’t notice it from happening. With this, toxic people take charge of everything about you until you give up your control over your life.

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Takeaways On The Causation of Unhappiness

If you have that habit of constantly searching for mistakes and looking at the downside of everything, you are only creating your own unhappiness. You will only focus more on criticizing and downplaying even your best life achievements.

You will hate people and will become more drawn to isolation. Therefore, it would help if you use these things on the list as your “not to do” goal to fulfill your genuine happiness.