Dating Advice During A Global Pandemic

What’s happening in the world right now is entirely terrifying. Every individual gets affected by the Coronavirus. It is a respiratory disease that spreads from one person to another through cough and sneeze. It has no vaccine yet, so the temporary solution, as of now, is social distancing. Every individual should not be with ten persons or more because the possibility of quickly getting infected with the virus is higher.


With no cure in sight, all people are requested to stay at home. They must follow a home quarantine protocol to keep themselves away from getting infected. For dating individuals, the situation seems like a nightmare. It is already hard for them to get stuck indoors and no way of seeing each other in person. The days go by, and life becomes so stale that the couple could not do anything. To add more damage to the situation, these individuals have nothing to talk about anymore.

Long-distance couples deal with the situation where they feel scared, lonely, and anxious. There is the uncertainty of not knowing when they are going to see and hold their partner again. The particular situation can evoke different kinds of emotions that somehow affect their feelings for each other. So how can this long-distance relationship survive during this global pandemic?


Just Be There

Couples who stick together and finding time to communicate with each other can survive this global crisis. As long as both are focused on not indulging in the stress of the situation, they can manage to find ways to make better their connection intact. Couples should not allow themselves to feel bored and isolated. Both must not cut contact as it may lead to fading emotional attachments. Therefore, both individuals must reassure and uplift each other emotionally and mentally.

Make Every Moment Counts

Since the world is on lockdown and people are socially distancing, it is vital to make every moment count. For those couples who spend a little bit of extra time with each other through phone and chat, they must consider making adjustments. Both individuals surely have a lot of things to do with their lives. Therefore, they need to set a routine. They must plan on fixing their schedules and avoid making an excuse not to communicate. And once they get a chance to be together, even virtually, couples should value each others’ effort.


Be Honest

Honesty in the relationship always goes a long way. Yes, there are times that one or both individuals will feel a little bit off in the relationship. In times like this that there is no uncertainty, both may fail to express their feelings in a nice way. Perhaps that is due to the stress that the situation is putting the couples in. So it is better to be honest at all times. It is crucial to acknowledge every detail of emotional changes both partners experience. That way, couples can discuss the issue and also allow themselves to look for solutions to it. Both couples must understand their role in the relationship.


During this situation, as difficult as it is, couples should remind each other of their love and commitment. Yes, the uncertainty of the health situation is there. But both should be mindful that this is not the right time to lose track of their long-distance relationship responsibilities. It is not the right moment to let go of someone just because they are bored and lonely. It is not okay to lose a relationship over a pandemic crisis. So instead of thinking negatively, both should focus on looking for something to look forward to.

How Does A Child With Autism Impact Family Life?

The Christi family poses for a photo at Joint Base Andrews, Md., April 27, 2017. Michael Christi, far right, son of Jeff Christi and Maj. Rebecca Christi, 799th Medical Group pediatrician, has autism spectrum disorder. The Air Force provides Michael with health and educational services, including Exceptional Family Member Program and Extended Care Health Options, which in turn provide therapies such as applied behavior analogy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. April is also Autism Awareness Month, which is meant to increase understanding and acceptance of autism. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Valentina Lopez)


It was at the 2017 Autism Conference where medical professionals and other specialists met and shared knowledge and expertise. The event was not only an opportunity for families with autistic family members to learn more about the condition, but it was also an opportunity to get a lot of freebies – free hair cut, free play for kids, and free art shows. Plus, it was filled with law enforcers that were provided by the town to control the crowd and maintain safety and security.

One of the goals of the event was to educate parents and caregivers on the effects of having a child with autism and how this impacts family life.

Family Adjustments

It is vital to acknowledge that family dynamics will ultimately change after the diagnosis. There is no other way around it, but eventually, everyone will have been adjusted to the situation and accept the truth. Going out with the whole family for picnics, holidays, field trips, and the usual family traditions can be challenging when a child with autism is involved.

Accommodations must be chosen so that the child will be comfortable and will not cause any hassle or distribution that may induce tantrums. However, despite these modifications, fun and memories can still be captured, and families must continue doing activities together instead of ceasing to do them because of the difficulties.

Parents’ Adjustments

It’s natural for parents to have big dreams for their children, whether parents are vocal or not about them. When they learn that one of their children (or their only child) has autism, they initially become dismayed and frustrated, and most of them change their minds about what they think about their child. They are often discouraged because the dreams that they had for their child will no longer be realized. However, they should not feel this way.

The truth is, every child is unique in his way – even a child with autism. So while he may be physically or mentally disabled, parents will soon discover that their child has other special personalities and talents. He can be good at painting or drawing; he could be a math genius! Parents must learn how to hone and improve the skills that their children with autism have.

Relationship With Other Children

Parents usually worry because their other children might think that they spend too little time with them and too much time on their sibling with autism. Of course, there’ll be doctors’ appointments and therapy sessions. If the other children are unable to understand the reason for the lesser attention, they are more likely to be affected mentally and emotionally.


It is therefore important for parents to explain to them that even if they spend time with their sibling because of his condition, it doesn’t mean that they are less loved. It is only because their brother needs more help – and that even they should do their part. There must always be communication for them to understand. They should also be included in the activities that parents have for their autistic child so that they will develop more love and empathy for him.



What Women Say Vs. What They Actually Mean




In a relationship, women often take everything way too far. Sometimes we demand better understanding because we know that our spouses or significant others will probably understand it in some way. Though I admit, it is way complicated than that because men can ultimately take it seriously. So here is a list of what women commonly say vs. what they actually mean.


“I Will Think About It”

No, I won’t. It means I have already decided that’s it’s a NO. Women have this logic that when they say they’ll think about it, it unquestionably means they are not interested in anything that you are offering or asking them.




“I’m Fine!”

Well, keep asking. I will eventually tell you what’s wrong. It’s a woman’s cryptic language that men should be aware of women’s emotions and that something is bothering them. They plainly need you to look deeper and insist on knowing what they honestly feel.


“Do Whatever You Want”

Better not to do it. If a man takes this phrase seriously, it will cause tons of trouble. It’s the opposite of agreeing on things. It implies that you are not allowed to do it even if they already received a signal.


“I’m Almost Ready”

Now, this one’s common. When women tell their spouses or boyfriends that they’ll be ready in a minute, they can at least do something that will buy their time. It’ll probably take an hour when she says she’ll be all set.


“Does This Make Me Look Fat?”

Please don’t answer maybe or yes. As much as we want an honest opinion, we look forward to the answer of NO. We don’t want our significant others to make us feel that we’re not physically good looking.




“We Need To Talk”

When a woman asks a man for a conversation, it means that he needs to listen while she talks. His opinions won’t matter, and suggestions are unacceptable. It merely implies that a woman needs to say something and a man should only have to listen.


“What Did You Say?”

I’m not exactly asking. I probably get what you said, and I wanted you to rephrase your statement so we can avoid an argument. Women are considered a game changer so it will be a massive fight if you repeat the upsetting last words you said.


“I’m Not Mad”

Honestly, I am. As much as possible, I would want to tell it straight to your face that you made a mistake and I got offended. However, I want you to personally know what’s wrong and ask for forgiveness even if you don’t have any idea about it.


“I’m Tired”

I’m not physically exhausted; I just want you to leave me alone. Women have this mental capability to turn a situation into something that will favor them. It’s a runoff phrase to get things out of the way.


“Leave Me Alone!”

Don’t you dare leave me! I want you to sit there and watch me while I’m having an emotional breakdown. Women want attention so bad that even if they don’t want you around, you need to see how much they are suffering so you can do something to ease that away.

I’m not generalizing all women with regards to their different responses. However, when men hear these lines, they should at least think twice before doing something out of the ordinary.


Relationship 101: How To Nicely Turn Down A Guy



You might have your reason why you need to reject someone who’s willing to shower you with lots of love. It could be because of a current breakup in a relationship, or you don’t feel emotionally connected to him. Whatever it is, you still find it hard to turn him down nicely.

“Rejection can be difficult for those who are doing the rejecting and those who are experiencing the rejecting,” says licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Molly Giorgio. “However, it is an unfortunate but necessary part of the dating process, because it allows people to actually find the partners they are looking for. If you are rejecting someone who is interested in you, it is important to remember that standing up for what you are looking for is a part of self-care.”

So here’s a list of things that you can do to reject someone in a very polite way.

Avoid Specifying Reasons For Rejection

It would be something that a man would ask if you try to turn them down. The‘Why can’t you like me?’ phrase will put you in a cornered situation where you’ll start to think about a lot of things to say to be able to respond to the question. Don’t try to specify a reason because it can be taken differently. You have to be firm in your decision that it’s not about his looks or status that made you reject him.


Don’t Make Up A Lie

You don’t need to patch weird stories to be able to reject someone. You can at least tell them how you exactly feel and be honest about it. In this way, you’ll not only let yourself get out from an awkward situation, but you’ll also make him realize that the two of you can get no further. Your honesty will become your convincing asset for rejection.

Call And Don’t Text

There could be an immense misinterpretation when you try to turn down a persistent guy through instant messaging. He might not take it seriously, or he might interpret it differently. Either way, he won’t be able to appreciate the action. If there’s a chance that you can talk to him personally, then do it. He would probably better leave you alone once he convinced himself that you’re NOT interested in him.

The Expression Matters

Your facial expression and gestures matter, especially when you are trying to avoid hurting someone with your words. Every rejection is hurtful, and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, you can always make them feel better by comforting them and telling them that things shouldn’t have to end there. A simple hug and smile can somehow ease the tension.


Offer Friendship

Rejection can cause emotional trauma, so you have to be careful in shutting someone out from your life. Though it’s understandable that you are not obliged to give back the kind of emotional attraction someone feels for you, you can at least offer friendship to make him feel comfortable. You can guarantee a connection but not to the extent of their expectations.

“Aim to pick something light that isn’t personal to him or too close to the situation of your rejecting him,” says Alicia Clark PsyD. “The trick is to pick a style of humor that will bring comfort to you both.” This suggestion could work.

Turning down a person can sometimes stress you over, but you have to understand that you’re in a position that holds the situation. You only need to give someone an approachable resolution so that they can wholeheartedly accept your decision.

“You have to use as much wisdom and discretion turning someone down as you do for any life choice, no matter how minor,” says Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein. “You don’t want to hurt his feelings since he didn’t do anything to you. It’s important to be a grownup about finding a way out of these situations. No one wants to hurt or get hurt, but sometimes taking that risk is necessary to move on in life.”

Besides, everybody needs a closure since it’s the right thing to do. It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out conversation. You just have to make it simple and honest.

Capturing A Guy’s Heart (The Stages That Men Go Through)



It’s pretty general that when we (women) try to attract the opposite sex, we find it very easy and overwhelming. Is that because we were born seducers? Not really. Capturing a man’s heart is essential in creating a strong relationship and women somehow understand the reasons why men fall for them. Here are the mapping stages of how men start to feel something for you.

They Get Physically Attracted – It’s evident that most men rely on their visual representation. They initially fall for a woman due to physical attraction. However, that doesn’t mean that every woman should have to be entirely physically attractive because in most cases, men’s visible affection can come from their physical preferences as they sometimes set their standards. Therefore, physical attraction varies in a lot of forms. “Attractiveness is something more complex,” according to psychiatrist Fredric Neuman M.D.


It’s Also About Chemistry – You might think that men are all about looks, but they honestly look for a woman that knows how to handle a conversation. Having things that both of you share an interest in is an excellent source of foundation when starting a connection. However, it’s not necessary that both of you need to have the same interest and hobbies because opposites do attract. The chemistry between the two of you matters because it will sustain your emotional and psychological needs while giving both of you an advancement of personally learning about each other.

Attitude Matters – Aside from physical attraction and chemistry, men look forward to having a woman with a positive attitude. It doesn’t mean that you have to create a personality that matches his preference. All you need to do is be yourself and embrace every imperfection that you have in a way that he sees it as something special about you. You don’t need to be perfect; you just have to be you.

Developing Trust – When men try to get physically and emotionally involved with a woman, the first thing that they try to establish is trust. It is something that they want to secure in the process of getting to know someone. When a man starts to trust you, he eventually tries to go deep into your thoughts and emotions so he can process a way for you to trust him in return.

According to Jeremy Nicholson M.S.W., Ph.D., “Specifically, some behaviors communicate and built trust and rapport better, whereas others are more suited for building attraction. While a healthy mix of both are necessary for keeping a relationship running smoothly, knowing which signal you are sending with a specific behavior is important as well.”

Long-Term Compatibility – A long-term compatibility matters in a relationship when both of you share the same values and goals in life. It’s like having someone that knows how to handle your psychological and emotional state when it comes to potential decision making. When a man sees that both of you can create a future together, there’s no doubt that he has already formed a strong emotional attraction towards you. “If they don’t mention you as being part of their life years down the road, they may not be as fully invested in the relationship as you would like,” said Connie Omari PhD, LPC, NCC.


The Comfort Stage – It is a phase where a man feels comfortable with you. It’s like he knows your emotional status, physical insecurities, behavioral problems, and psychological issues, and yet decided to stick with you because he knows you are more than those negative traits. He sees you as something essential for his overall development that’s why he values you more than anything.


Men are not all about sweet talks and sex; there’s something about them that we need to unlock for us to understand that they somehow feel the same way we do when we fall for them.

Annoying Things That Men Do In A Relationship


In every relationship, there’s always a time that we feel like we want to choke our boyfriend to death because of the annoying things he does. However, it seems impossible because we know that they sometimes don’t do it intentionally, or worse, they are not aware of doing it. So what are those kinds of stuff that could annoy us? Check out these things our boyfriend probably always does.

Messaging Takes Forever“Texting is used early and often in dating relationships, and while it might be easier, it does have downsides”, according to social psychologist Theresa E DiDonato Ph.D. Considering the situation, his excuse could be valid when he’s busy doing significant things. However, most of us require instant replies on messages. It annoys us when we have to wait for a couple of minutes to be able to get the response we need. In worst cases, we don’t get replies at all. Admit it, we always want a prompt answer, and if we don’t get it, it causes a lot of drama.

Phone Matters“Smartphones have made it far easier for us to stay in touch with relationship partners, even when we are geographically distant,” said Martin Graff Ph.D. I get it. There’s a lot of stuff on his phone that he probably considers important rather than spending time with his girlfriend. However, it happens to become annoying when it seems like it’s taking all of his time. Then we suddenly create these crazy ideas in our head that will soon start an argument.

Not Complementing – Women are born attention seekers. We always love to hear good stuff from our boyfriends, and it sometimes frustrates us when we try too hard to put an effort into something, but we don’t get a compliment. Seriously, all we want is for our boyfriend’s say that we look pretty today or we did great. They don’t have to do it all the time but say it as they mean it.

Bringing Up The Ex – There’s nothing more annoying than hearing about his ex in every conversation. It’s like telling us that we’re not good enough to be in the relationship. It would feel like we are not entitled to be in a new relationship because all he does is compare and contrast everything with his ex. Men probably don’t want to create a conflict, but a woman is so sensitive on this matter.

Doesn’t Pay Attention – Please, the only thing that we want from our boyfriends is their full attention. When we try to say something, all we ask is for our man to listen and respond accordingly. They shouldn’t just sit there nodding while we currently have an emotional crisis. They have to be physically and emotionally present at all times.


Forgetting Dates (Anniversary) – Yep, most women would probably go ballistic when their boyfriends forget their anniversary. It will feel like they’re not giving it importance. It annoys us because we tend to spend sleepless nights thinking about it not knowing that our men skip prioritizing that special occasion. It sucks!

I’m not generalizing all the women out there, but I know I perfectly created a valid argument when it comes to the top annoying things on the list. Again, these pieces of stuff shouldn’t have to become a reason for a breakup. You can always talk about it and work things out. As what psychologist Sherod Miller, Ph.D. said, “Couples need to learn a way to stay engaged—not withdraw or attack.”

8 Things I Want In My Relationship

We probably have our preference when it comes to the kind of connection we want with our significant other. As for me, I have determined factors that need to be present in my relationship so it can help me develop healthy wellbeing. According to Jeremy Nicholson M.S.W., Ph.D., “By evaluating relationship choices on these emotional and practical levels, it is possible to make some sense out of seemingly confusing and contradictory romantic behaviors.” It’s not like I would demand things, but if ever I am given a chance to have a better connection, I would instead consider the important ones that add an impact on a healthy perspective.

  1. Communication – Expressing ourselves is one way that could boost our self-confidence, and as such, we need communication for things to work out. A simple yes or no won’t add value to a conversation. It needs to have a sensible flow of discussion. The willingness to communicate can mean a lot, especially regarding contrasting ideas and opinions. According to psychologists Barry L. Duncan, Psy. D. and Joseph W. Rock, Psy.D., “As relationships endure, communication sequences form patterns over time, and it is the patterning over time that is the essence of a couple system.”
  2. Security – As I get emotionally weak and helpless, I only want someone to hug me and tell me that things will be okay. I don’t require tons of promises to be able to get through the day; I only need a person that will take care of me at times when I can’t handle myself. I want that extra support I can get to accompany me through the moments of stress.
  1. Show Interest – Showing some interest doesn’t mean you have to like everything I like and hate the things I don’t want. All of us need someone who is willing enough to value our worries, hopes, and desires. It will somehow strengthen the relationship when both of us can show interest in each other by paying attention to the perplexity of things.
  2. Availability – I’m not saying that I require attention 24/7. I only need someone to be there for me when I need them most. It’s like keeping the sense of responsibility as a loving partner that knows and sees you as an essential part of their lives. They solely have to be there in good and bad times.
  3. Honesty – The more I prefer to be in a relationship, I would want it to be filled with honesty. It doesn’t matter if things could be hurtful sometimes, as long as everything about it is true. No one requires a relationship full of lies, and therefore it is safe to say that the act of honesty will somehow help us in creating a better understanding of our relationship.
  4. Effort – Every substantial relationship doesn’t happen overnight because it has a lot of struggles. An attempt at keeping things together and progressively working on differences can help build a strong bond over time. Even if it’s a small effort, it doesn’t matter as long as it is valued and appreciated as a whole.
  5. Affection – Every person who is in a relationship needs affection. The particular value of expressing love without asking something in return is honestly one of the things that need to be present in a commitment. It can be demonstrated by any physical contact that somehow feels different in a lot of ways.
  6. Respect – One priceless thing that completes a relationship is respect. It helps in the cultivation of an individual’s personality because it holds a cultural value in making improvements in a relationship and in life as well. It gives you a sense of purpose in knowing your limits and capabilities during crucial situations. Respect always gives you a significant chance to stay focused and be the kind of person that you are.

We need to understand that a commitment is not about chocolates and flowers. Handling a relationship is critical and requires much more significant importance because it will help us determine our self-worth as well as our capabilities in giving and acquiring love. John Gottman, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle, says “his studies show that couples whose relationships remain happy and stable know how to successfully repair problems.”

Nourishment Therapy: Understanding The Importance Of Your Consumption

Food therapy – what is it?

What is food therapy and how is food therapy different from other forms of therapy? What are the benefits of food therapy for individuals with various physical and mental health conditions? Here, we will learn the importance of food therapy and how food therapy can change our lives for the better.

Food therapy can be used to balance the disharmony of your health to be able to find and reduce the causes of certain illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

As per food therapy advice, there are a lot of different things that you need to eat to be able to attain the health benefits you need. You should choose the food based on what your body is going through, and the choice of food that you have to consider may depend on the weather and your mood. This is one of the aspects considered in food therapy.

What You Eat Defines You!

“The food you eat can have a direct effect on your energy level, physical health, and mood. A “healthy diet” is one that has enough of each essential nutrient, contains many foods from all of the basic food groups, provides the right amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight, and does not have too much fat, sugar, salt, or alcohol,” as stated by Carol A. Gooch, M.S., LPC, LCDC, LMFT.

However, in medical terms, the therapist uses food therapy to balance the disharmony of your health to be able to find and reduce the causes of certain illnesses such as depression and anxiety. The process should be able to make you feel better. So how can this therapy help you? Listed are the things you need to know when it comes to choosing the type of food to consume, as well as more facts about food therapy.

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The Connection Of Food In Psychiatry Treatment

People who suffer from depression and anxiety may benefit mental health by changing their diet. “Making little changes to your diet can add up to BIG health benefits,” says Elaine Magee, MPH, RD. So it is significant to understand the role of the food you eat and those you don’t because every type of food you take in can create a substantial impact on your mood, function, and development. It will become a practical basis to reduce symptoms of depression which is useful in psychiatric treatment. 


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Online Therapy Health Guide: What Your Lip Color Says About Your Wellbeing

We all have different colored lips that we thought are normal to see every day. But do you know it can determine the probable condition of your health? It will allow you to assess the things you need to do and not to do to be able to keep yourself healthy. So here are the things that your lips can tell you about your health based on an online therapy health guide. 


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