The Ultimate Guide To Staying Healthy During The Holidays


Christmas and New Year invoke mixed feelings to so many people. Yes, they are heartwarming occasions in which you can see your family members and friends of old again. But if you think of the savory and sweet dishes that are staple holiday meals, being “healthy” goes out of the window.

Especially when you come from a huge family, you can’t decline the stuff the elders are offering and seem rude. You may taste everything and then follow the tips below in between.

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  1. Concentrate on special dishes.
  2. Encourage physical games.

It’s a holiday habit for some families to play with board games near the fireplace or on the dining table. Whereas that can be a source of entertainment while waiting for the next eating time, you’ll still be sitting. Thus, you won’t be able to sweat off the calories from the previous lunch or breakfast.

The suitable idea is to come up with activities like dancing, snowball fights, etc. that will necessitate you to move. Cutting and decorating a real Christmas tree is also enjoyable so, you may include that to your list.

  1. Eat until you’re satisfied.

Since the occasion calls for a large feast, many holidaymakers tend to consume more foods that they can digest. You don’t want to spoil any of the dishes, we get that, but don’t ever overstuff yourself. “If there’s a buffet, it’s about taking one plate and that being it, rather than going up again,” says Dr Jessamy Hibberd, Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Your family won’t berate you for opening the pots and pans again after a couple of hours, so stop eating once you feel full.

  1. Go easy on the alcohol.

with you, you can’t simply refuse them because of the calories in the beverage. What you can do, however, is limit your alcohol intake to a glass or two. “A new large prospective study confirms prior research that suggests modest levels of alcohol consumption can improve cognitive processes,” said Rick Nauert PhD. You can continue hanging around them anyway with just a bottle of sparkling water in your hand.

  1. Throw in healthy snacks.
  1. Sleep in.

“Focus on getting restorative, quality sleep. It is hard to feel upbeat or be productive when you are sleep deprived,” Melissa Welby M.D. Snoozing for at least eight hours is a leisure you can just do when you’re on holiday. It is also the only time your elders will stop giving you foods past breakfast, lunch or dinner is when you’re asleep. So, to offer your digestive system some rest, try to sleep longer than you regularly do.