Online Therapy Health Guide: What Your Lip Color Says About Your Wellbeing

We all have different colored lips that we thought are normal to see every day. But do you know it can determine the probable condition of your health? It will allow you to assess the things you need to do and not to do to be able to keep yourself healthy. So here are the things that your lips can tell you about your health based on an online therapy health guide. 


Pale Lips – It is a description of white-ashy grey colored lips. It tends to give a signal that you are experiencing anemia and you lack red blood cells in the body. Therefore, you should pay high awareness of your food intake and consider foods that are rich in iron. In some cases, it indicates a problem in the digestive system where you might experience cold hands and feet.  

Red Lips – Though red lips can be a regular color, super red lips can somehow indicate bad breath. Most of the time, it tends to give a signal that your body is overheated and parts of your liver are working non-stop. Aside from that, it can also indicate that you somehow need rest and sleep. Always consider having 8 hours of sleep a day and at least 10 hours on weekends so your body can catch up on the process of rejuvenating. 

Purple Green Lips – It is a lip color that is almost near danger. It can mean that there is something wrong with your heart or lungs at some point. You might seldom see this color on your lips, but when you notice its frequent appearance, it is advisable that you seek professional help to deal with the matter. Take note that the greener it gets, the high amount of health damage is present.  

Dark Red – Dark red lips or the color that almost goes near black indicates a problem with the digestive system. It is good to take the advice of changing your eating habits and go easy on processed foods. Instead, try eating something that your stomach can efficiently handle and digest to help it attain the balance it once lost. 

Purple Black Lip Outline – The dark color of your lip outline indicates an imbalance within your bodily system. It tends to tell you that you are actually experiencing fatigue and that you need rest. In some cases, it indicates a need for water. Therefore, proper hydration should become a top priority. 

Rosy Pink Lips – It is the most common color that lips should have. This indicates a perfectly healthy body, so there’s definitely nothing to worry about. Maintain your healthy lifestyle because that’s all there is.  



These online therapy tips are an absolute health guide that you can use in different situations. Knowing the signs of your lip color will give you the advantage to become aware of the probable conditions that may damage your overall health. However, these are simple indications, and you still have to consult your doctor for further diagnosis before indulging in medication and treatment. Always seek professional help.