Dating Advice During A Global Pandemic

What’s happening in the world right now is entirely terrifying. Every individual gets affected by the Coronavirus. It is a respiratory disease that spreads from one person to another through cough and sneeze. It has no vaccine yet, so the temporary solution, as of now, is social distancing. Every individual should not be with ten persons or more because the possibility of quickly getting infected with the virus is higher.


With no cure in sight, all people are requested to stay at home. They must follow a home quarantine protocol to keep themselves away from getting infected. For dating individuals, the situation seems like a nightmare. It is already hard for them to get stuck indoors and no way of seeing each other in person. The days go by, and life becomes so stale that the couple could not do anything. To add more damage to the situation, these individuals have nothing to talk about anymore.

Long-distance couples deal with the situation where they feel scared, lonely, and anxious. There is the uncertainty of not knowing when they are going to see and hold their partner again. The particular situation can evoke different kinds of emotions that somehow affect their feelings for each other. So how can this long-distance relationship survive during this global pandemic?


Just Be There

Couples who stick together and finding time to communicate with each other can survive this global crisis. As long as both are focused on not indulging in the stress of the situation, they can manage to find ways to make better their connection intact. Couples should not allow themselves to feel bored and isolated. Both must not cut contact as it may lead to fading emotional attachments. Therefore, both individuals must reassure and uplift each other emotionally and mentally.

Make Every Moment Counts

Since the world is on lockdown and people are socially distancing, it is vital to make every moment count. For those couples who spend a little bit of extra time with each other through phone and chat, they must consider making adjustments. Both individuals surely have a lot of things to do with their lives. Therefore, they need to set a routine. They must plan on fixing their schedules and avoid making an excuse not to communicate. And once they get a chance to be together, even virtually, couples should value each others’ effort.


Be Honest

Honesty in the relationship always goes a long way. Yes, there are times that one or both individuals will feel a little bit off in the relationship. In times like this that there is no uncertainty, both may fail to express their feelings in a nice way. Perhaps that is due to the stress that the situation is putting the couples in. So it is better to be honest at all times. It is crucial to acknowledge every detail of emotional changes both partners experience. That way, couples can discuss the issue and also allow themselves to look for solutions to it. Both couples must understand their role in the relationship.


During this situation, as difficult as it is, couples should remind each other of their love and commitment. Yes, the uncertainty of the health situation is there. But both should be mindful that this is not the right time to lose track of their long-distance relationship responsibilities. It is not the right moment to let go of someone just because they are bored and lonely. It is not okay to lose a relationship over a pandemic crisis. So instead of thinking negatively, both should focus on looking for something to look forward to.